Information for Teachers

12bet体育代理We want to help you assist your students to make the right choices for a successful, lifelong career.

  • Quick facts about the University

    The University of Adelaide is consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world. It is Australia's third oldest university with a strong reputation for excellence, and graduates that make an impact on the world.

    Students studying here have distinct advantages:

    • Graduates equipped with a skill set for a successful career
    • Global perspectives are experienced not just learnt, via overseas exchanges
    • Teaching methodology focused on fostering tomorrow’s young leaders
    • Students learn from academics who are global leaders in their field
    • Degrees regarded for their distinct points of leadership in the market
    • Facilities that support teaching and research excellence.
  • Faculty information

    The Faculty of Arts provides a number of initiatives and events allowing us to connect with your school.

    The Faculty of ECMS presents a range of events and initiatives to educate students on the diverse and dynamic degrees and careers available in this exciting field.

    Faculty of the Professions

    The Faculty of the Professions organises a number of activities for high school students each year and we encourage schools to let us know how we can help you and be involved in your schools.

    Find out more

    12bet体育代理The Faculty of Sciences has a number of resources and programs to inspire and inform students and teachers about science and where it can take you.

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